Can men be vulnerable?


Yes, men can be vulnerable, but it involves recognizing and addressing some substantial barriers. As discussed by Dr. Rick Hanson, some men, especially those who have cultivated a strong, assertive exterior, might find it challenging to be vulnerable in interpersonal situations. This difficulty often stems from a lack of internal work or emotional self-awareness, which is crucial for genuine vulnerability 1. Moreover, vulnerability requires appropriate contexts and should not be misused as a strategy merely to elicit a response or manipulate a situation. Authentic vulnerability comes from a deep sense of self-awareness and an understanding of the appropriate contexts for sharing personal feelings or challenges 2 3.

Inner Infrastructure

Dr. Rick Hanson discusses the importance of developing internal infrastructure to avoid being exposed when faced with vulnerability. Jordan Harbinger shares his experience working with former gang members in a maximum-security prison, highlighting the need for openness and vulnerability in personal growth.

The Jordan Harbinger Show

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