Business structure


When discussing business structures, offers various insights. Here are key points divided by different business-related themes:

  1. Business Startups:

    • Rob Phelan emphasizes finding a simple startup idea that aligns with your passion and is easy to launch. This involves assembling a team with complementary skill sets and developing a business snapshot that includes resource requirements and initial marketing strategies 1.
  2. Business Partnerships:

    • underscores the importance of setting up a framework with clear expectations and operating agreements when going into business with family or friends. Such frameworks should cover potential eventualities like divorce or a partner wanting to exit the business to prevent conflicts down the line 2.
  3. Business Structures for Tax Benefits:

    • JW shares how structuring their business as an LLC provided tax benefits. He mentions optimizing the business for passive income and considering future acquisitions to further enhance income streams 3.

      High School Business

      Rob discusses his curriculum for teaching high school students how to start a business. He emphasizes the importance of finding a simple startup idea that students are passionate about and assembling a team with complementary skill sets. The curriculum includes creating a business snapshot and developing a marketing strategy, with the end goal of pitching the business to potential investors. The final project is a school-wide competition where students pitch their businesses as potential investments.


      170 | The Simple Startup
  4. Business Models:

    • Nick Loper identifies three primary business models: selling a product, selling a service, and audience-based businesses. These models cover various niches, from local services to online businesses and ecommerce 4.
  5. Unique Business Characteristics:

    • Jonathan Mendosa explains that businesses can create equity out of thin air, unlike other asset classes. This means even if many business ventures fail, one successful enterprise can still achieve financial independence quickly. Businesses can convert growth into sustainable cash flow streams 5.
  6. Business Valuation:

    • and Brian Feroldi discuss valuing businesses, emphasizing the importance of understanding financial statements and using metrics like the price-to-earnings ratio. This is crucial for purchasing existing businesses or becoming a business broker 6.

These insights collectively detail various aspects of business structures and strategies, providing a comprehensive understanding necessary for setting up and managing a business effectively.