Extended exhales


Extended exhales are a powerful tool for calming the body and mind. Here are some effective methods discussed by experts:

  1. Down Regulation Breathing: Post-workout, engaging in three to five minutes of down regulation breathing that emphasizes exhales can significantly enhance recovery. This involves actively extending the exhales which promotes a calming response across your brain and body 1.

  2. Physiological Sigh: This involves a double inhale followed by an extended exhale. It's particularly effective for rapid stress reduction as it offloads carbon dioxide quickly, reducing stress levels significantly 2.

  3. Extended Exhales for Heart Rate Control: Emphasizing extended exhales can manipulate heart rate variability and calm the system. This technique is useful in high-pressure situations to quickly lower heart rate and promote calmness 3.

    Enhancing Workout Recovery

    Andrew shares the benefits of incorporating three to five minutes of down regulation breathing after a workout to enhance recovery. He explains how emphasizing exhales and slowing down breathing can shift the body into a calming response, promoting progress and adaptation.

    Huberman Lab

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These techniques not only aid in physical recovery but also in stress management and mental calmness.