What is Doree's writing schedule?


Doree Shafrir’s writing schedule and practices are quite flexible and adaptive due to her various responsibilities. Here are some key insights:

  1. Inconsistency Due to Responsibilities: Doree does not follow a strict daily schedule because of her family and professional commitments, indicating her writing practice is inconsistent. She writes whenever she can find time during the day 1.

  2. Pomodoro Method: She tries to utilize the Pomodoro technique, writing for 20-minute intervals and then taking short breaks. However, she does not always follow this method strictly 1.

  3. Word Count Tracking: Doree tracks her word count for each writing session using a Google Sheet or Excel spreadsheet. This helps her visualize progress and stay motivated, even if she only writes a small number of words each day 1.

  4. Making Time Despite Challenges: She acknowledges the challenges of setting aside time to write, especially during the pandemic. She emphasizes that it’s about making the time and sitting down to write, regardless of the obstacles 2.

  5. Public Writing Spaces: Doree often prefers writing in public spaces like coffee shops to avoid home distractions. This method helps her stay focused, and she uses tools like a phone and iPad lock box to minimize distractions 1.

  6. Consistency Over Perfection: For Doree, consistency means returning to her writing repeatedly, not necessarily writing every day. She believes in the importance of gradual progress and that even small steps contribute to completing a writing project 1.

These practices collectively highlight her flexible approach, prioritizing consistency and progress over a rigid schedule.

Writing Practice Insights

Doree shares her inconsistent writing practice and the importance of tracking word count to see progress. Small steps and consistency are key to completing a project.


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