Based on the information provided, Max should follow these steps:

  1. File an 'access case request form' at the court office at 82 Ionia in Grand Rapids. This costs $10 and will take about two weeks to process. This will give access to all FOC documentation.

  2. Immediately request a file on all the court orders from the circuit court, which could involve a visit to the second floor of the court building. The form to request is simply a copy of all court orders under the divorce.

  3. Address the erroneous addition of $7,000 spousal support from August 2023 to January 2024, as this has already been paid in full.

  4. Develop a comprehensive letter explaining why an exception should be made to lower the child custody payment amount, due to a change in circumstances, without needing to file a motion.

  5. File taxes and note that the May payment is due at the end of the month.

  6. Request an audit via email at foc.mail at with the subject line "2020-006641 at request audit". This audit should address the erroneously added $7,000 spousal support.

  7. Contact the circuit court clerk at 616-632-5480 for a copy of all court orders.

  8. Submit an income review form, checking the box for 'less than three years' and provide an explanation. This form can be found under 'forms' on Access Kent.

These steps should be followed to navigate through the court and financial corrections.


I couldn't find any specific mention in the trusted expert data about the process and steps involved in filing an 'access case request form' or dealing with other detailed procedures specific to Grand Rapids as described in your query.

However, general financial strategies post-divorce, as shared by Julia Harder on the , include resetting financial objectives and strategies to manage debt and savings effectively. She mentions engaging in a financial education course, like Dave Ramsey's, which helped her reorganize her finances after her divorce by focusing on savings and debt repayment 1.

For specific legal procedures like those you mentioned, consulting a legal expert or a divorce attorney who understands local laws and court processes in Grand Rapids might be advisable.

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