What are some favorite life mottos?


Here are some favorite life mottos shared by various experts:

  1. Lane Shackleton emphasizes focusing on the present moment and stresses the importance of creating positive momentum and change in whatever one does: "The present moment is all that we have... Make Things Happen" 1.

  2. Gina Gotthilf shares two mottos:

    • "This too shall pass" which helps her through tough times.
    • "Fake it till you make it," a way to overcome imposter syndrome and embrace potential opportunities 2.
  3. Maya Prohovnik advises not wishing time away, emphasizing the value of every moment, even the mundane or challenging ones: "Only a fool wishes time away" 3.

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  4. Karri Saarinen believes in taking thoughtful actions, especially in fast-paced environments like startups: "Go slow, to go fast" 4.

  5. Brian Balfour resonates with the idea of resilience and learning from experiences, drawn from Theodore Roosevelt's speech, known as "The Man in the Arena": "The thing that defines success is the speed at which you pick yourself up" 5.

  6. Paul Millerd advocates for prioritizing personal fulfillment over external achievements: "One coming alive over getting ahead" 6.

Each of these mottos showcases a philosophy aimed at personal growth, resilience, and mindful living.