Slow Pro

It seems that there might not be a podcast specifically titled "Slow Pro." However, I found a selection of podcasts that cover various themes, which might interest you:

Science Vs

This podcast critically examines hot topics and scientific debates, led by science journalist Wendy Zukerman. It often delves into the truth behind popular claims and phenomena.


Hosted by renowned biologist David Sinclair, the "Lifespan" podcast explores the science of aging and longevity, including discussions on biotracking, age reversal, and health technologies.


This podcast features Kara Swisher and Professor Scott Galloway discussing business, technology, and politics with a sharp analytical lens.

Marques Brownlee Reviews!

Hosted by influential tech YouTuber and podcaster Marques Brownlee, this podcast offers insights and reviews on the latest technology and gadgets.


Hosts David Baker and Blair Enns discuss professional services and consultancy strategies, providing insights and advice for improving business practices.

Chasing Scratch: A Golf Podcast

Hosted by Mike Shade and Eli Strait, this podcast is about two avid golfers on their humorous quest to achieve a single-digit golf handicap.

If you could specify the topics or type of content you are interested in, I could provide more tailored suggestions.