Sustained Success

Here are some podcasts that explore themes around sustained success, offering insights from various experts across different fields:

  1. The Next Great Thing:

    • Focus: Discusses the emergence and development of innovative technologies and businesses.
    • Host: Andrew Greenstein, explores key factors behind sustained success in the tech and business sectors.
  2. Acquired:

    • Description: Deep dives into stories of successful companies and leaders in technology and business. Hosted by Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal, it covers journeys from inception to dominance, exploring decisions that led to success.
    • Topics: Corporate strategy, innovation, venture capital.
    • Notable Guests: Jensen Huang, Doug DeMuro, Dara Khosrowshahi.
  3. Founders:

    • Description: Focuses on the lives and legacies of influential figures in business and entrepreneurship. Hosted by David Senra, the podcast reflects on biographies and success strategies.
    • Topics: Entrepreneurship, biographies, investment, innovation.
  4. The Game with Alex Hormozi:

    • Description: Offers insights and strategies for personal and professional growth, with a strong focus on entrepreneurship. Hosted by entrepreneur Alex Hormozi.
    • Topics: Persuasion, wealth-building, focus, business growth.
  5. The Knowledge Project:

    • Description: Host Shane Parrish interviews experts and thought leaders to uncover tools and strategies for success across various domains.
    • Topics: Leadership, productivity, innovation, decision-making.

These podcasts provide a comprehensive view on sustained success through expert interviews, case studies, and in-depth discussions.