How does it apply to life?


Shane Parrish discusses practical applications in life, emphasizing positioning and preparation as essential for making better decisions. He illustrates this with an example about his son's performance in school. The boy thought he was doing his best during a test, but hadn't prepared adequately, demonstrating how good positioning can significantly affect outcomes. Parrish advocates that consistently positioning oneself advantageously, in various areas of life, can enhance long-term success 1.

This view reinforces the broader perspective that practical preparation and taking the long view are beneficial strategies in life, for anything from personal habits to interpersonal relationships.

Position Determines Future

Discover the importance of operating from a position of strength and how it can impact our decisions and future outcomes. Shane Parrish shares practical examples and insights on the significance of good positioning and preparation in various aspects of life, from tests to relationships and beyond. Learn how making the effort to put ourselves in a good position can lead to better decision-making and long-term success.

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