How to alleviate side stitches?


To alleviate side stitches, which are often not actual cramps but instead related to the phrenic nerve affecting the diaphragm and nearby organs like the liver, recommends utilizing a specific breathing technique known as the physiological sigh. This involves a deep double inhale through the nose followed by a long exhale. Repeating this two to three times while continuing your exercise can change the firing patterns of the phrenic nerve and relieve the pain associated with a side stitch. This method can be performed during various activities like running, swimming, or cycling 1 2.

Relieving Side Stitch

Andrew shares a simple tool for relieving the side stitch or side cramp when running or swimming. By changing the firing patterns of the phrenic nerve through a double inhale and long exhale, the pain in your side can be relieved. This breathing pattern can also engage a regular cadence of heart rate variability during long bouts of exercise.

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