How to avoid self-sabotage?


Avoiding self-sabotage involves several strategies that can help you gain better control over your actions and decisions. Here are some insights from Jordan Harbinger to tackle self-sabotage:

  1. Take the Leap:

    • If you identify self-sabotaging behaviors, especially when it comes to seeking help like therapy, take immediate action even if it makes you uncomfortable. Hesitating only prolongs the issue. Booking a session with a therapist can help you explore and address deeper concerns 1.
  2. Focus on Self-Care:

    • Prioritize your self-care and mental health. Neglecting your well-being can be a form of self-sabotage. Explore whether you're avoiding taking care of yourself by immersing yourself in other activities. Set boundaries and carve time for your commitments and self-care routines 2.
  3. Embrace Simple Habits:

    • Consistently practice good habits such as getting adequate sleep, regular exercise, and avoiding negative influences. Sticking to these habits can help you manage emotional dips and prevent self-sabotaging behaviors 3.

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  4. Acknowledge and Address Self-Worth Issues:

    • Low self-worth can be a root cause of self-sabotage. Identifying and working on these issues with a therapist can uncover the emotional damage and help build a healthier self-image 4.
  5. Reevaluate Your Actions:

    • Regularly check in with yourself to see if you're doing things out of habit or if they truly serve you. This can involve questioning routines and making adjustments to better align with your true desires and values 5.
  6. Recognize Achievements:

    • Appreciate your accomplishments and view them as real and earned. This can counteract the impulse to punish yourself and helps integrate these achievements as part of your self-identity 6.
  7. Find Clarity:

    • Use times of crisis or change to reassess your goals and values. Instead of scrambling to regain lost ground, take the opportunity to plan what you genuinely want out of your life and career 7.

These strategies can help you develop a more mindful approach to your behaviors and prevent self-sabotage.