How can we find joy in goodness?


Finding joy in goodness often involves connecting with others and appreciating small moments. Here are several insights from trusted experts:

  1. Living for Others:

    • Mitch Albom believes that helping others is essential for fulfilling and joyful living. He emphasizes the richness and goodness of life when it's dedicated to others, even amidst personal challenges 1.
  2. Balancing Emotions:

    • Cyndie Spiegel discusses the coexistence of grief and joy. She challenges the notion of "good vibes only," suggesting that acknowledging the full spectrum of emotions allows for a deeper, more genuine joy without guilt or pressure 2.
  3. Being Present:

    • Oren Jay Sofer highlights the importance of mindfulness. By being fully present, you become available to the beauty and goodness around you, which naturally brings joy. He advises against forcing joy, advocating for a balanced approach 3.

      Living for Others

      Mitch shares how living for others is essential for a fulfilling life, drawing from personal experiences of raising a child and helping those in need. He emphasizes that true richness comes from giving and sharing with others, highlighting the transformative power of selflessness.

      Good Life Project

      Mitch Albom: Building a Life and Living that Matters.
  4. A Life of Service:

    • Scott Harrison shares his journey from selfish pursuits to finding happiness and freedom through service to others. His transformation led him to believe that there is joy in giving and that generosity can become an addictive positive habit 4.
  5. Meaning and Purpose:

    • Katy Milkman asserts that finding meaning and purpose in daily activities leads to joy. By aligning your work and actions with what you find meaningful, life becomes more fulfilling 5.

These perspectives underline that finding joy in goodness is deeply tied to selflessness, mindfulness, and meaningful engagement in life. Additionally, balancing your emotional experiences and being present in the moment can enhance your sense of joy.