What is the readership like?


Podcast audiences vary widely based on the podcast's popularity and reach. Here are some insights from various experts:

  1. General Audience Size:

    • Over 80 million people in the U.S. listen to podcasts monthly, and around 50 million listen weekly. This growth in audience size is modest at about 15% per year, but the number of new podcasts continues to increase exponentially 1.
  2. Individual Podcast Insights:

    • Joe Rogan: Known for having one of the largest podcast audiences, Joe Rogan's estimated listenership ranges between 12 to 14 million per episode 2.
    • Rich Roll: Typically gets around 500,000 listeners per episode, with some episodes reaching higher due to guest popularity 3.

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    • Jordan Harbinger: Describes many podcasts achieving around 20,000 to 50,000 downloads per episode, which is still significant in comparison to other forms of media 4.
  3. Platform-Specific Audiences:

    • YouTube: YouTube channels for podcasts can vary heavily due to the platform's algorithm, which affects discoverability. For example, some podcast videos can reach millions of views, while others may not 3.
    • Podcast vs. YouTube: There's a distinct difference between audiences on podcasting platforms and YouTube. For instance, younger male audiences tend to dominate YouTube, while podcast platforms have a more balanced gender distribution and slightly older demographic 5.

Overall, the podcast landscape is growing steadily, with significant potential for future increases in audience size. For a successful podcast, a solid core audience, even if small compared to mainstream media like radio, can still signify substantial influence and reach.