P Tendrils


In a conversation with on the , discusses the behavior of pea tendrils. She explains that pea tendrils can grow either in a straight line or in a coiled form. When they encounter a branch or pole while growing straight, this gives them a cue to start growing more rapidly and begin coiling. This behavior suggests a form of adaptability and response to the environment.

Furthermore, Mark Jaffe's experiments demonstrated that pea tendrils have a primitive form of memory. Even when removed from the plant, if kept in a moist, warm environment, the tendrils continue to function as if part of the plant. They respond to tactile stimulation and require light to perform coiling actions. This experiment indicated that the tendrils remember and act upon the tactile stimulation once exposed to light, showing a basic form of memory or sensory retention 1.

P Tendrils Memory

Annaka discusses the behavior of P tendrils, which can grow straight or coil. Mark Jaffe's work shows that P tendrils have a primitive form of memory where it has the sensation and holds on to that information, acting on it as soon as there's light.

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