What should I do in the evening as a routine?


suggests several key elements for an evening routine to improve sleep quality and overall well-being:

  1. Exposure to Sunlight: Aim for a bit of sunlight exposure in the late afternoon or early evening. This helps adjust the sensitivity of the neurons in your retina and brain, protecting against the effects of bright artificial lights later in the evening 1.

  2. Eating Schedule: It's beneficial to adjust your eating schedule based on your personal circadian rhythms. Avoid heavy meals late in the evening to prevent disruptions in sleep and potential weight gain 2.

  3. Dimming Lights: Reduce exposure to bright lights as the evening progresses. Use dimmer, ideally red, lights in your evening environment. This minimizes the stimulation of the brain's alert systems, helping to prepare your body for sleep 3 4.

    Evening Sunlight Benefits

    Discover the importance of getting a little splash of sunlight in your eyes in the afternoon and evening, and how it can protect you against brighter artificial lights later in the evening.

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  4. Getting the Right Light Exposure: Viewing light at sunset or slightly before sunset can help mitigate the negative effects of artificial light exposure if you stay up later in the night 4 5.

Implementing these strategies into your evening routine can enhance your sleep quality and align better with your natural circadian rhythms.