How to broaden your aperture?


To broaden your aperture or perspective, you can employ several strategies, as discussed by Shane Parrish. Here are key insights:

  1. Mental Models: Parrish advocates for the use of diverse mental models to broaden perspectives. Mental models act as lenses, providing different views on problems, which can help challenge narrow or ingrained ways of thinking 1 .

  2. Decision Journaling: Keeping a decision journal, as explained by Parrish, helps reflect on decisions made, potentially broadening perspective by clarifying thought processes and summarizing learning experiences 1 .

  3. Interacting with Varied Expertise: Engaging with people who hold expertise in different areas than oneself can enhance perspective. This exposure can offer new ways to look at problems and solutions, offering opportunities to learn and grow 2 .

  4. Asking "How Could I Be Wrong?": Developing a habit of questioning one's correctness can cultivate openness and curiosity, essential for perspective-taking. This approach encourages understanding others' viewpoints and acknowledging blind spots 3 .

    Broadening Perspectives

    Shane discusses the power of mental models in broadening perspectives and enhancing decision-making. Sarah explores the concept of decision journaling for long-term gains in life and decision-making processes.

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Each of these methods contributes to a broader, more adaptable way of encountering the world and the multifaceted challenges it presents.