What is it like leaving Islam?


Leaving Islam can be an extremely tumultuous and transformative experience, as discussed by Yasmine Mohammed in an episode of "The Jordan Harbinger Show." Yasmine shared her personal journey, highlighting the challenges she faced due to the deeply ingrained cultural and religious beliefs that she was raised with. She described the process as both terrifying and invigorating, finding it difficult to even articulate the words "I'm not a Muslim" for the longest time after her decision. The sense of indoctrination was so profound that it required a significant period of self-deprogramming to overcome the fear and stigma associated with leaving the faith.

Yasmine's account is replete with the internal conflicts and external pressures that come with such a life-changing decision. This includes dealing with systemic misogyny and combating deeply ingrained beliefs that initially made her question her own intelligence and worth as compared to men, as dictated by the teachings she received growing up. The transition was not just about changing a belief system, but also involved significant lifestyle changes and the fear of societal and familial rejection 1.

Leaving Islam

Yasmine shares her experience of leaving Islam and the misogyny she faced within the religion. She talks about the indoctrination and fear that came with leaving and the struggle to deprogram herself.

The Jordan Harbinger Show

749: Yasmine Mohammed | How the West Empowers Radical Islam Part Two