Sex steroid pheromones


explains the relationship between light exposure, dopamine regulation, and the optimization of sex steroid pheromones. He notes that proper exposure to light, particularly bright light in the morning, is crucial for regulating the release of cortisol and dopamine. Dopamine plays a pivotal role in promoting the production of testosterone and estrogen at healthy levels. Conversely, exposure to bright light during the night can suppress dopamine release, which in turn can reduce testosterone levels. This understanding highlights the importance of managing light exposure to enhance the production of sex steroid pheromones, which are crucial for reducing anxiety and other effects 1.

Additionally, discusses how various behaviors can modulate sex steroid pheromones. He mentions the potential roles of smell and pheromones in significantly altering hormone levels through parenting behaviors or other sensory interactions. This suggests a complex interaction between our environments, behaviors, and hormonal responses 2.

Optimize Hormones

Andrew explains how light exposure affects the release of cortisol, dopamine, testosterone, and estrogen. He highlights the importance of getting bright light early in the day and avoiding bright light exposure in the middle of the night to optimize sex steroid pheromones.

Huberman Lab

The Science of How to Optimize Testosterone & Estrogen | Huberman Lab Podcast #15