How did Dan overcome addiction?


Dan St. Germain overcame addiction through a combination of rehab, twelve-step programs, and meditation. He emphasized the correlation between twelve-step programs and meditation, particularly in terms of accepting life on its own terms and relinquishing control of situations. Despite the challenges and back-and-forth nature of his journey toward sobriety, he persisted and managed to establish a sustained period of sobriety. He sees the journey as a continuous struggle and highlights the importance of approaches like meditation in maintaining sobriety 1.

Overcoming Addiction

Comedian Dan shares his journey of battling addiction, finding sobriety, and the correlation between a twelve-step program and meditation. He reflects on his time in rehab and the challenges he faced while trying to rebuild his life. Through his story, he emphasizes the importance of accepting the present moment and relinquishing control.

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Dan St. Germain, 'Takes a Village to Keep Me Going'