Chat platform

Here are some podcasts that cover topics related to chat platforms or communication technologies:

  1. Description: This podcast discusses various ways to use ChatGPT, which is a popular AI-based chat platform. Hosted by Dan Shipper.

  2. Description: Hosted by Demetrios Brinkmann, this podcast covers MLOps, language models, and ML platforms, offering insights from experts in AI and data science.

  3. Description: Hosted by Lenny Rachitsky, this podcast dives into technology, product development, and business growth, including discussions on AI, software development, and marketplace dynamics.

  4. Description: Hosted by Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo, this podcast explores software development, open source, and tech trends, often including discussions related to chat and communication technologies.

  5. Description: Economist Tyler Cowen hosts in-depth conversations on a variety of topics, including technology and its impact on communication.

Please check out these podcasts for more information and expert insights on chat platforms and related technologies.