Will there be an Ether ETF?


There has been significant discussion around the potential approval of an Ether (Ethereum) ETF. Experts like from VanEck have predicted that an Ethereum ETF could indeed be approved, possibly by mid-2024. He notes that current regulatory and market dynamics could make this feasible 1 2.

However, the sentiment around such approval has been mixed. and discussed on that the market has generally been pessimistic about the approval of an Ethereum ETF due to regulatory challenges, with prediction markets placing the odds under 10% as of late 2023 3.

Ethereum's Market Position

Explore the prediction that Ethereum will outperform tech stocks in the coming year, but won't surpass Bitcoin in market position. The discussion dives into the unique regulatory status and energy intensity of Bitcoin, as well as the potential for Ethereum to lose market share to other smart contract platforms.


VanEck’s 2024 Crypto Predictions with Matthew Sigel

Ultimately, the consensus appears to be cautiously optimistic, with some experts indicating a significant chance of approval while acknowledging the regulatory hurdles that still need to be overcome 4 5.