Trump's attacks


Donald Trump's strategies and the consequences of his attacks include various aspects as discussed on "The Ben Shapiro Show":

  1. Attack Angle on DeSantis: Ben Shapiro describes Trump's challenge in finding an effective attack angle against Ron DeSantis, highlighting his difficulty in differentiating himself due to his previous presidency. Trump's struggle reflects an inability to convincingly position himself as an outsider after having been the president, and his attacks were seen as "desperate flailing" 1.

  2. Claims of Imminent Attacks: Discussion around Trump's claim of imminent attacks on four embassies by Iranian forces, where Shapiro points out discrepancies between Trump's statements and intelligence reports. This claim was perceived as possibly exaggerated or misunderstood by Trump, which led to a mix-up 2.

  3. Rhetoric Influence on Violence: Ben Shapiro critiques media and public interpretations linking Trump's rhetoric with violence. He references an ABC News piece that finds 36 cases invoking Trump in connection with violence, but questions the validity and direct link of these cases to Trump’s actual words 3.

    Trump's Attack Angle

    Trump's struggle to find an effective attack angle on DeSantis is highlighted, with insights on the challenges of running as an outsider after being president. The episode delves into the dynamics of Trump's campaign strategy for 2024 and the difficulties he faces in differentiating himself from his past presidency.

    The Ben Shapiro Show

    The Banking Meltdown Gets Worse
  4. Media and Campaign Tactics: Trump criticized the media's coverage of terrorism, suggesting it was inadequate, while simultaneously positioning himself as being unfairly targeted by the media, which he leveraged to consolidate support during his campaigns 4.

  5. Legal and Publicity Attacks: Shapiro touches upon legal challenges Trump faced, such as the civil lawsuit for alleged fraud in his business dealings. Despite legal rulings against him, Shapiro opined that the impact on Trump’s public image or business operations might be minimal 5.

Each of these points illustrates various aspects of Trump's attacks, whether against individuals, entities, or the media, and their ramifications both politically and legally.