How can young people change the world?


Young people can indeed change the world, and several experts featured on Tim Ferriss's podcast have shared valuable insights on this topic:

  1. Follow Your Passion and Develop Skills: Jacqueline Novogratz emphasizes the importance of following your passion while developing the necessary skills to contribute effectively. She advises young people to start where they are, utilize what they have, and gradually build their capabilities to make a meaningful impact 1 2.

  2. Make Small, Consistent Actions: Will MacAskill highlights the significance of taking actionable steps rather than being overwhelmed by the magnitude of the problems. He encourages focusing on the positive impact that can be achieved and consistently contributing towards small changes that can collectively have a huge effect 3.

    Changing the World

    Jacqueline shares her advice for young people who want to change the world, emphasizing the importance of following your passion and developing the necessary skills before taking on big challenges.

    Tim Ferriss Show

    Jacqueline Novogratz - Building Acumen & How to (Actually) Change the World | The Tim Ferriss Show
  3. Empowerment and Projects: Dr. Jane Goodall stresses the importance of empowering youth to take action on issues they care about. She advocates for a project-based approach where young people work on initiatives that help people, animals, and the environment, fostering a sense of individual significance and impact 4.

  4. Positive Change Agent: Coach George Raveling suggests that becoming a positive change agent in as many lives as possible is a simple yet powerful way to contribute. He encourages individuals to commit to kindness and positive actions, creating a ripple effect that ultimately leads to broader societal change 5.

These insights underline the importance of passion, practical action, skill development, and the power of incremental change in making a significant difference.