How can we discover ourselves?


Discovering oneself is a deeply personal and evolving journey centered on introspection and authenticity. Here are some insights from experts on the process:

  1. Defining Moments and Authentic Self:

    • emphasizes the importance of defining moments in life—experiences where one feels completely connected and rooted, not based on materialistic achievements but through genuine, soulful moments. These moments provide a framework for understanding and embracing our true self 1.
  2. Self-Acceptance and Love:

    • According to , discovering one's true self is closely associated with being cherished and accepted. He believes that people understand their worth when they are loved unconditionally—leading to a profound realization of joy and belonging 2.
  3. Influence of Society and Childhood Passions:

    • discusses the societal impact on self-discovery. He notes that societal expectations often suppress individuality, urging a reconnect with childhood passions and deeper, often spiritual self-awareness as pathways to true self-discovery 3.

      Discovering Your True Self

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      Impact Theory

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  4. Continuous Self-Discovery:

    • Najwa Zebian proposes that self-discovery is a continuous, multi-layered process. It involves peeling back layers of oneself, confronting fears, and making space for self-love and self-acceptance as fundamental aspects of discovering who we truly are 4.
  5. Self-Improvement vs. Core Essence:

    • differentiates between self-improvement and knowing oneself. She suggests that initial stages of self-improvement should naturally lead to a deeper understanding of one's dharma or true essence, revealing a wholeness that transcends physical and mental enhancements 5.
  6. Avoiding Identity Games:

    • argues that finding oneself isn’t about adopting new identities but liberating oneself from them. He advises embracing one's inner essence dynamically, beyond fixed identities that society often imposes 6.

These perspectives highlight that self-discovery is not a straightforward process but a dynamic journey of understanding and accepting one's true self beyond societal labels and expectations.