Why do humans connect unrelated facts?


Humans tend to connect unrelated facts largely because of the intrinsic human interest and the tendency to find patterns or connections that resonate personally or socially. According to , this behavior reflects fundamental human traits: caring about oneself, others, and the world. He explains that on the internet, every hyperlink represents a trace of human interest linking one piece of information to another, showcasing how human interests shape our understanding and interaction with the world. Weinberger suggests that our engagement with facts and the connections we make among them stem from what personally interests or matters to us, rather than the factual nature of the information itself 1.

The Nature of the Web

David and Russ explore the interconnectedness of the internet and how it reflects human interest. They discuss the complexity of the world we experience and the ability to evolve our thoughts and ideas in the online space.


David Weinberger on Too Big to Know