Tips for staying fit at home?


Here are some expert tips for staying fit at home:

  1. Variety in Workouts: Try different types of home workouts, like those from the Maps Anywhere program, which require minimal equipment like bands and your body. Changing up your routine can provoke a good response from your body, making home workouts as effective as gym sessions 1.

  2. Body Weight Training: Incorporate body weight exercises. They are versatile and effective. You can do push-ups, squats, lunges, and many variations to keep the workouts engaging and challenging 2.

  3. Mobility Work: Focus on mobility exercises which can be done without any equipment. This can improve your overall flexibility and function, beneficial for long-term health and performance, especially if gym access is limited 2.

  4. Virtual Training: If you usually work with a trainer, consider virtual training sessions. Many trainers are offering sessions via platforms like Zoom or FaceTime. This keeps the personal interaction and custom advice alive, even from a distance 1.

  5. Zone Two Cardio: After a home workout, add 15-20 minutes of zone two cardio, such as walking or light jogging. This complements your resistance training and enhances cardiovascular health 3.

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  6. Regular Routine: Set a consistent workout schedule and dedicate a specific area of your home for exercise to mentally prepare yourself, making it easier to stay disciplined and focused 4.

  7. Compound Movements: Don’t forget to include compound movements that work multiple muscle groups at once, which are particularly effective for strength building and efficiency.