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Jordan Harbinger has discussed engaging and educational projects for kids on his show. Here are a few insights:

  1. KiwiCo Kids' Projects: Jordan Harbinger and Jason DeFillippo talk about KiwiCo, a subscription service providing monthly projects for kids. Each box includes all necessary supplies and instructions suitable for different age groups, from zero to sixteen years old. These projects are designed to be fun and educational, encouraging creativity and hands-on learning. They emphasize the convenience for parents and the engaging nature of the activities 1.

  2. Engaging Projects for Kids: Another discussion highlights how these monthly project crates save parents time by including all necessary materials and detailed instructions. Jordan and Jason recall their childhoods, noting the difference between the simple, repetitive kits of the past and the more engaging, varied projects offered by KiwiCo today. These activities can be done independently by kids or collaboratively with parents, providing a blend of fun and educational value 2.

  3. Designing Curiosity: In an interview with Brian Chesky, he shares his childhood fascination with design and creating things, which eventually led him to co-found Airbnb. This clip underscores the importance of nurturing creativity and design-thinking in children, which can shape their future careers. Despite there being less emphasis on arts and design in current education systems, Chesky's experiences highlight the long-term benefits of such creative projects 3.

    KiwiCo Kids' Projects

    Jordan and Jason discuss KiwiCo, a monthly subscription service that delivers fun and educational projects for kids. They highlight the benefits of building the projects together and offer a special deal for listeners.

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These insights reflect Jordan Harbinger's appreciation for projects that stimulate curiosity, creativity, and learning in kids, offering them both enjoyment and educational growth.