Old-School Mentality


Jordan Harbinger has shared insights related to the concept of an "old-school mentality," which often involves traditional, sometimes harsh approaches to problem-solving or discipline. Here's a selection of relevant discussions:

  1. Military Training and Societal Band-Aid: In an episode with Bradley Steyn, they talk about the traditional, tough-love mindset of "Get your sh*t together. Stop being such a wuss, get over it." This was contrasted against a more compassionate approach, as Steyn's parents sent him to therapy, although he struggled with distractions. Steyn also shares a story about his strict upbringing and experiences in the military, which often embodies an old-school mentality with its tough discipline and rigid structure 1.

  2. Tribal Mindset and Coercion: Tim Urban discusses how old-school mentalities can be characterized by coercion and bullying as opposed to persuasion. He contrasts the tribal mindset of coercion with the modern, enlightened approach of truth-seeking and problem-solving through persuasion, which helps in creating a more cooperative and humane society 2.

In these discussions, we see recurring themes of strict discipline, the harshness of traditional approaches, and the challenges they pose compared to more modern, empathetic methods.

Military Training

Bradley shares his experience of being sent to military training in South Africa after struggling with discipline in school and getting into fights with teachers. He excelled in the Navy and was trained to deal with the Russian trawlers off the coast, part of the clandestine warfare going on during the time.

The Jordan Harbinger Show

760: Bradley Steyn | Undercover with Mandela's Spies Part One