In his discussions, Jordan Harbinger explores various facets of tribalism and the impact of tribal affiliations on our behaviors and beliefs.

  1. Social Norms and Tribes: Jordan Harbinger and James Clear discuss how people adhere to the social norms of their "tribes" which can be as large as national identities or as small as local community groups. This adherence can make changing habits or reaching out for outside help unattractive due to the disruption of trust within the tribe 1.

  2. Tribal Mindset: According to Tim Urban, tribal mindset, particularly when mixed with low-level thinking (attached to one's own ideas), can lead to destructive behaviors and divide society into 'us vs. them'. This mode can transform into something darker, resulting in dehumanization and violence 2.

  3. Tribalism in Decision-Making: Maya Shankar and Jordan discuss how tribalism influences decision-making, making it easier for individuals to adopt the beliefs of their groups rather than forming opinions based on personal evidence gathering. This mindset affects even contentious issues like health and politics 3.

    Overcoming Social Norms

    James Clear discusses how being part of a tribe with shared social norms and expectations can make it difficult to break away and form new habits, even if those habits are beneficial. He suggests assessing whether your current tribe aligns with the habits you want to build.

    The Jordan Harbinger Show

    108: James Clear | Forming Atomic Habits for Astronomic Results
  4. The Appeal of Going Native: Sebastian Junger explains the phenomenon where settlers, and even soldiers, preferred the communal and tribal societies of Native Americans over Western civilization. This preference reflects a longing for a society that operates more communally and with a stronger sense of group identity 4.

  5. Hate Groups as Tribes: Christian Picciolini shares his personal experience with joining a hate group, where his sense of identity and belonging was manipulated. This showcases how tribal dynamics can be exploited to foster harmful ideologies and movements 5.

  6. Dangerous Tribalism and Groupthink: Jordan Harbinger and Ozan Varol discuss how modern tribes can enforce conformity, suppress individual thought, and encourage members to outsource their critical thinking. This can lead to a polarized society where deviation from tribal norms is not tolerated 6.

These discussions underline the profound influence of tribal affiliations on individual behavior, societal divisions, and decision-making processes.