The term "multihyphenate" typically refers to individuals proficient in multiple professional roles. Here are some notable multihyphenates who have appeared on :"The Jordan Harbinger Show":

  • Michael Pollan: An American author, journalist, and professor, renowned for his work in examining the socio-cultural impacts of food on health and the environment. He's a profound advocate for transforming food systems and consumer habits .

  • Benjamin Hardy: An organizational psychologist and author, Ben Hardy is celebrated for blending psychological research with practical self-improvement advice. He also focuses extensively on the concept of future self and personal evolution .

  • Humble The Poet: Born Kanwer Singh, Humble The Poet is a YouTuber, rapper, and author from Canada. He combines music, spoken word, and written work to convey messages about cultural, socio-political, and personal growth topics .

These individuals are recognized for their vast array of skills across different fields, making significant contributions to culture, science, and personal development.