What was Billy's plan for the island?


Billy McFarland outlined his plan to create a "virtual pirate island adventure." The idea involves taking small groups of people to an island via small planes, where they would have a unique and adventurous experience. This experience would be broadcasted using 360 cameras and virtual reality technology. Viewers who cannot physically attend could purchase virtual tickets to watch and interact with the event, influencing real-time activities such as requesting artists to perform specific actions or sending drinks to participants 1.

Additionally, McFarland aims to create lifelike virtual representations of the island property, where users can interact with live streams and contribute actions, potentially attracting millions of virtual tourists. This innovative approach to entertainment seeks to combine physical and virtual experiences, offering a significant revenue opportunity by engaging a larger audience online 2.

Virtual Pirate Island

Billy describes his plan to create a virtual pirate island adventure for people who can't afford to physically attend. The experience will be livestreamed with 360 cameras and virtual reality technology, allowing viewers to impact the creative process and interact with the artists.

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