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The episode "376: How to Fire Someone You Care About | Feedback Friday" from The Jordan Harbinger Show addresses various topics relevant to personal and professional development.

Key Points:

  • Business Strategies: NetSuite discussions highlight tools for managing businesses effectively, regardless of size. Sponsored parts discuss the benefits of Progressive Insurance for auto insurers and how customers can save on policies 1.

  • Personal Development: Jordan shares insights about managing personal relations through effective networking, emphasizing preemptive relationship-building through his Six-Minute Networking course 2.

  • Growth in Podcasting: Jordan talks about the evolution of his skills in podcasting, recognizing it as a composite of multiple skills rather than a singular ability, and discusses the inexhaustive nature of mastering any craft 3.

    Business Strategies

    Jordan Harbinger shares insights on how to manage your business with NetSuite, the world's number one cloud business system. He also talks about the benefits of signing up for Progressive Auto Insurance and how customers can save up to 12 percent on their auto.

    The Jordan Harbinger Show

    376: How to Fire Someone You Care About | Feedback Friday
  • Candid Reflections: Discussions about the discomfort of revisiting old work imply that personal and professional growth involves evolving beyond past selves, which should not feel embarrassing but rather part of growth 4.

  • Creator's Advice: Gabriel Mizrahi and Jordan delve into the mentalities healthy for creators, emphasizing ongoing learning, willingness to accept past flaws, and the importance of feedback in creative evolution 5.


This episode provides valuable advice for those dealing with difficult professional decisions (like firing someone), while also touching on personal development and the continuous journey of self-improvement. This is interwoven with typical episode features such as sponsor messages and previews of other content.