Benefits of ketones?


outlines several benefits of ketones, both from dietary sources and supplements like Ketone IQ:

  1. Cognitive and Physical Performance: Even if not following a ketogenic diet, increasing blood ketones can improve cognitive and physical performance by providing an efficient fuel source for the brain and body. This can lead to enhanced concentration during prolonged cognitive tasks and sustained energy during physical activities 1 2.

  2. Brain Health: Ketones are beneficial for brain health, especially after a head injury. They help sustain the energy supply to the brain, potentially offsetting some micro-damage caused by trauma 3.

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  3. Metabolic Management: A ketogenic diet or ketone supplementation can lead to better metabolic management and metabolic efficiency. This involves efficiently using lipids or fats as fuel, rather than heavily relying on carbohydrates 3.

  4. Mitochondrial Function: The ketogenic diet stimulates processes like mitophagy (removing defective mitochondria) and mitochondrial biogenesis (creating new mitochondria), which result in healthier mitochondria in the body and brain. This is one reason why the diet is effective for epilepsy and chronic mental disorders 4.

  5. Blood Glucose Stability: Ketones can help stabilize blood glucose levels and energy. By increasing ketones, you can perform cognitive or physical work without needing to eat, thus maintaining steady energy levels without the spikes and dips associated with carbohydrates 5.

These benefits suggest that ketones play a significant role in enhancing mental and physical performance, supporting brain health, and improving metabolic health.