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The size and recruitment challenges of the U.S. Army have been widely discussed by various experts.

highlights the Army's significant difficulties in meeting recruitment goals. For instance, in a recent fiscal year, the Army fell short by 15,000 active-duty recruits against a goal of 60,000 new troops. This shortfall represents a 25% deficit. According to Shapiro, the issue extends to the Army National Guard and other military branches, with the Space Force being a notable exception due to its smaller size and reliance on Air Force transfers 1.

Additionally, points out that the overall fitness and eligibility of young Americans are crucial factors. Approximately 77% of 17 to 24-year-olds do not meet the Army's standards, due to issues such as failing the entrance exams or being physically unfit 2.

In discussions about Desert Storm, noted that despite having better equipment than some active army units, the National Guard brigades were considered unready for combat. Consequently, they were sent to the National Training Center for further preparation, illustrating the ongoing concerns about preparedness and effective mobilization within components of the U.S. military 3.

Military Recruitment Challenges

Christine and Ben discuss the struggles the Army faces in meeting recruitment goals, with only Space Force exceeding expectations due to its unique structure. They delve into the high percentage of unqualified applicants and the evolving requirements for joining the military.

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Moreover, discussed the disparity between the number of troops present and those actually engaged in combat. In Vietnam, for instance, although the U.S. had a significant military presence with numerous personnel, a much smaller proportion was actively engaged in fighting 4.

These insights paint a comprehensive picture of the challenges facing the U.S. Army regarding recruitment, retention, and operational readiness.