Is winging it a valid approach?


While "winging it" might seem like an informal or spontaneous approach, it can be effective if you have a deep familiarity with the matter at hand or a broad plan in place. clarifies that in professions like the military and specialized sports, "winging it" often involves a level of disciplined preparation and familiarity, allowing experienced individuals to adapt quickly and effectively when detailed plans are not feasible 1.

However, for most situations, especially where precision and thoroughness are crucial, having a well-thought-out, detailed plan is recommended. The strategic planning helps to manage and anticipate potential challenges effectively.

Winging It vs. Planning

Jocko discusses the pros and cons of winging it versus planning. While winging it can work for those with extensive experience and mental fluidity, planning is always the preferred choice. However, if time allows, thorough planning is essential for success.

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