Product evaluation


Product evaluation is a multifaceted process discussed comprehensively across various podcast episodes. Here are some key insights shared by experts on different aspects of product evaluation:

Evaluating Product People

Chennapragada:{sid=pers_9646}, former CPO at Robinhood and Google VP, emphasized using case studies to simulate real-world scenarios for evaluating product people. This helps assess candidates' problem-solving skills and ability to navigate roadblocks. She also highlighted common hiring mistakes, such as overhiring and mistaking drama for influence: 1 .

Role of Product Reviews

Beykpour:{sid=pers_9645}, Head of Consumer Product at Twitter, detailed the purpose of product reviews. These sessions are opportunities for teams to get feedback from cross-functional leaders and help leadership understand how teams are performing. He noted that signs of ineffective teams include slow velocity and lack of strong conviction 2 .

Evaluating Talent

Mehrotra:{sid=pers_9158}, CEO of Coda, shared a technique for evaluating talent by using a consistent framework for various roles. This approach helps maintain standard evaluation criteria across different product units, ensuring that the definition of a great product manager remains consistent 3 .

Evaluating Product People

Aparna shares her approach to evaluating product people, including the use of case studies to simulate real-world scenarios. She also discusses common hiring mistakes, such as overhiring and mistaking drama for influence.


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Customer Journey

Laudi:{sid=pers_13021}, CEO of Forget The Funnel, discussed the importance of identifying key milestones in the customer's relationship with the product. This includes phases like struggle, evaluation, and growth. Recognizing these phases helps in tailoring product features to meet customer needs effectively 4 .

User Feedback

Faizaan Charania highlighted the complexity of evaluating user feedback. Simple metrics like thumbs up or down can be inadequate. Alternative indicators, such as bounce rates post-interaction, provide more nuanced insights into user satisfaction 5 .

Product Elegance

Wei:{sid=pers_9410}, Head of Product at Hulu and Oculus, focused on balancing legibility and elegance in product design. He defined elegance as maximizing information communicated in the simplest way, which ensures usability without overwhelming the user 6 .

These insights from various experts highlight the importance of rigorous and multifaceted evaluation processes in product management.