Examples of supra normal vision?


Supranormal vision refers to visual capabilities that exceed the typical human range. Some examples include:

  1. Athletes with Enhanced Vision: Athletes often exhibit faster visual reflexes and higher visual acuity, which may be due to a combination of genetics and training. This enhanced vision helps them in sports by allowing them to react more quickly and see more details 1.

  2. Training with Vision-Occluding Goggles: Another method to potentially achieve supranormal vision involves training with special goggles that intermittently obscure vision. This trains individuals to process visual information more efficiently even when less is available. For instance, a basketball player might train with goggles that periodically reduce the visual information available, forcing them to become adept at catching and passing the basketball with limited visual data. When the goggles are removed, their ability to process visual information may improve, suggesting a move from normal to supranormal vision capabilities 1 2.

These approaches leverage neuroplasticity, the brain's capacity to adapt and change in response to new experiences, indicating potential for further exploration and practical applications beyond athletic performance.

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