Are supplements really necessary?


Tim Ferriss advises cautious use of supplements. He has minimized his own supplement intake, emphasizing the belief that "the greater the effect, the greater the side effects" of any biochemical enhancement. He suggests that supplements can often be a crutch for those not paying sufficient attention to their whole food intake, sleep, and other health factors. Ferriss only uses supplements like magnesium and protein selectively, and only endorses products that he has thoroughly vetted, turning down many sponsorship offers from supplement companies. He also considers supplements more as a complement to, rather than a substitute for, good dietary practices, especially when traveling or when whole food options are limited 1 .

Optimizing Supplements

Tim Ferriss discusses his current supplement regimen, emphasizing the importance of minimizing supplements and being cautious of potential side effects. He also mentions specific supplements he uses, such as magnesium and protein, and how he vets sponsorships from supplement companies.

The Kevin Rose Show

Tim Ferriss, The Random Show, Spring Edition