Bed Death


The term "bed death" refers to a phenomenon where couples experience a decline or cessation in sexual activity as their relationship progresses. This is often associated with long-term partners and can sometimes lead to sexless marriages. For example, , a relationship therapist, notes that at least 40% of couples report having sexless marriages. She emphasizes that even in relationships where sex occurs, the female partner often isn't genuinely engaged, treating it more as a maintenance activity 1.

from the also talks about "bed death" in the context of her relationship with her husband, , acknowledging it as one of their biggest fears. This reflects the concern of how emotional intimacy can diminish if sexual intimacy fades over time 2.

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Discover the importance of self-stimulation and self-connection in claiming one's own sexual experience. Learn how many couples struggle with sexless marriages and the impact it has on women's desire. Gain insights into the need for self-reverence and self-exploration to awaken a skill set that is inherent in all of us.

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