Can you quit your job?


Quitting your job is a deeply personal decision that involves several factors and options. Brad Barrett discusses various approaches to quitting a job. These include quitting cold turkey, negotiating for part-time work, or even taking a sabbatical or a long vacation to reassess your needs and desires. Importantly, Barrett emphasizes the significance of financial independence, which gives you negotiating power and flexibility. This independence can allow you to dictate terms more freely, potentially leading to better work arrangements like flexible working hours or freelance opportunities, especially in fields conducive to such arrangements like graphic design. Additionally, when considering quitting, it's beneficial to discuss and plan the decision, looking at how to support each other through the transition 1.

For more detailed exploration of flexibility and negotiations when considering quitting, including how others have managed this transition, you can access more advice and various discussions on the topic in Barrett's discussions on .

Quitting Your Job

Brad and Jonathan discuss the different ways to quit your job, including quitting cold turkey, going part-time, or negotiating a sabbatical. They emphasize the power of financial independence in negotiations and how it gives you the ability to walk away if you don't get what you want. The guests also discuss the flexibility of graphic design work and how it can be a great option for freelancing in the financial community.


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