It looks like "Miracle" might not correspond to a specific podcast, but I found relevant data for the podcast called My First Million. This podcast dives into entrepreneurship and wealth-building, hosted by Shaan Puri and Sam Parr, both successful entrepreneurs.


  • Name: My First Million
  • Hosts: Shaan Puri and Sam Parr
  • Topics: Business ideas, investment strategies, lessons from successful founders, OpenAI, the metaverse, AI technology, and more.

Notable Guests

  • Charlie Munger
  • Pomp
  • Andrew Wilkinson
  • Codie Sanchez
  • Scott Galloway
  • Jesse Itzler
  • More interesting personalities in various fields such as entrepreneurs, investors, founders, authors, and marketing experts.


The show features a mix of solo episodes and interviews, discussing current trends and providing practical advice and forward-thinking perspectives. It's perfect for those interested in building and growing businesses.

For more information or to listen to episodes, you might want to check out the podcast directly.