Actionable steps


Here are some actionable steps discussed on the "ChooseFI" podcast by Brad Barrett and other guests:

  1. Paying Yourself First:

    • Prioritize saving by setting up automatic transfers to your savings account as soon as you receive your paycheck. This strategy helps in managing finances effectively and ensures that saving is not an afterthought. 1
  2. Taking Action in the Community:

    • Encourage individual improvements weekly, focusing on enhancing efficiency, saving money, or boosting long-term health and wellness. Engage in simple activities that enhance life quality. 2
  3. Prioritizing What Matters:

    • Identify and eliminate distractions, such as unnecessary social media use, and focus more on family and meaningful activities. This approach leads to a more balanced and fulfilling life. 3

      Concrete Action Steps

      Brad and Roger discuss the importance of breaking down personal finance goals into small, tangible action steps. They emphasize the benefits of paying oneself first and making savings automatic to avoid frivolous spending. The hosts also highlight the positive behavioral changes that come with saving, such as feeling excited about seeing accounts grow and having less financial stress.


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  4. Salary Negotiation:

    • Start with thorough research using resources like Glassdoor and PayScale to understand appropriate salary ranges for your role and location. Engage in discussions with colleagues or within your network to gauge fair compensation. 4
  5. Career Development:

    • Focus on exceeding job expectations as a way to achieve higher raises and promotions. Consistently performing beyond what is required can lead to greater career advancement. 5
  6. Building an Audience:

    • If you're starting from scratch, create content within your niche across various platforms like podcasts, YouTube, or social media. For those with an existing audience, consider developing online courses and using sales funnels to enhance audience engagement and monetization. 6

These strategies provide a roadmap for personal and financial development, embracing both immediate actions and long-term goals.