Grass-fed foods benefits?


Grass-fed foods, particularly from ruminants like cows, provide specific nutritional benefits. These foods are notable for containing healthy trans fats, namely certain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in a trans isomer form. These healthy trans fats are a result of the ruminants' unique digestive processes and are beneficial for human health. Furthermore, consuming products from grass-fed animals, such as butter, cheese, milk, and meat, can help maintain a healthy ratio of important hormones like testosterone and estrogen, due to the omega content and overall nutrient profile of these foods 1.

In addition to their health benefits, grass-fed meat products are often produced in a way that benefits the environment. Practices like regenerative agriculture used in grass-fed farming can make meat production climate positive and carbon negative, adding an environmental incentive to choose these products 2.

Fats and Hormones

Kyle and Andrew discuss the effects of consuming fats on estrogen and testosterone levels. They explore how different types of fats can impact the body and the importance of maintaining a healthy ratio of testosterone to estrogen. They also touch on the benefits of grass-fed foods and the risks of a vegan diet.

Huberman Lab

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