Confidence in Thinking


The topic of confidence in thinking, particularly in the context of self-confidence and mental resilience, has been discussed by several experts. Here's a brief overview based on their insights:

  1. Matthew Hussey emphasizes gaining confidence through experiences, including awkward and disappointing moments. He suggests that these experiences practically contribute to building resilience and fortitude (1).

  2. Dr. Nate Zinsser describes a methodical approach to cultivating confidence by cherishing small successes and reframing our past to enhance our self-image. This focuses on recognizing our own progress and accomplishments to build a more confident mindset (2).

  3. Simon Sinek discusses the peril of self-doubt in achieving dreams and highlights the necessity of developing self-confidence to overcome challenges and pursue success (3).

    Embracing New Beginnings

    Matthew shares how starting over doesn't mean starting from zero but rather moving closer to what we deserve. He discusses the concept of gaining confidence through experiences, including awkward moments and disappointments, to build resilience and self-assurance.

    Women of Impact

    "If Only Women Knew This Before 45!" - DO THIS & He Will Want More With You | Matthew Hussey
  4. James Smith talks about confidence as not being inherent but developed through perceived successes and failures. He points out that our beliefs, shaped by what we perceive as evidence of our abilities, profoundly affect our confidence levels (4).

  5. David Senra advocates for the power of self-belief in achieving great results, suggesting that believing in one's own success is a critical driver for achieving noteworthy outcomes. He encourages replacing thoughts of failure with the belief in success as a strategy to enhance confidence (5).

These insights collectively show that confidence in our thinking and actions is significantly shaped by our past experiences, the stories we tell ourselves, and our deliberate focus on positive outcomes and personal growth.