How does hypertension cause stroke?


Hypertension is a crucial factor contributing to stroke, particularly hemorrhagic stroke. According to Dr. Peter Attia, small blood vessels in the brain can rupture due to high blood pressure, leading to a hemorrhagic stroke. This occurs when the weakened vessels fail to handle the arterial pressure, causing bleeding in the brain. Hypertension not only leads to the deterioration of these vessels but also contributes to the formation and rupture of plaques in arteries, resulting in embolic strokes, where blood flow is obstructed by a clot or rupture. Therefore, maintaining blood pressure within a healthy range is essential to reduce the risk of both hemorrhagic and embolic strokes 1.

The Four Horsemen

Andrew and Peter discuss the four main causes of death and how atherosclerosis is the most common, with cardiovascular disease being the lion's share of that. They also touch on cerebrovascular disease and the importance of blood flow to the brain.

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