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In , and cover a variety of financial independence topics, focusing on index investing and promoting Jim Collins' book "The Simple Path to Wealth" through a book giveaway. They encourage listeners to leave reviews on iTunes or Stitcher for a chance to win the book 1 2.

The episode delves into tax-advantage buckets such as TSP, IRA, and Roth, the importance of using company 401Ks, and strategies around international funds and bonds 1. They discuss how making small, consistent actions can lead to significant financial gains over time, emphasizing actionable tips in every episode 3.

Simple Path to Wealth

Brad and Jonathan announce a book giveaway for Jim's book, "The Simple Path to Wealth" and encourage listeners to leave reviews on iTunes or Stitcher. They also introduce the stock series, which will cover tax advantage buckets, company 401Ks, international funds and bonds, and building portfolios.


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Jonathan and Brad also highlight the importance of index investing as a core principle of financial independence and praise Jim Collins' stock series for simplifying this investing strategy 4 5. By sharing personal success stories from listeners, they underscore the impact of their podcast on individuals' financial journeys 6 3.