Ballot design


Ballot design can significantly influence election outcomes. , speaking on the , highlights ongoing issues with ballot design, such as confusing layouts that can mislead voters. He argues for the necessity of requiring a permit or license for ballot designers, comparing their responsibility to that of performing heart surgery due to its impact on democracy 1.

Additionally, , on the , underscores how behavioral aspects, like the order of candidate names, influence voters. Research from Texas shows that candidates listed first receive a ten percentage point boost in low-information environments. To counteract such biases, randomizing the order of candidate names is a measure that can promote fairness 2.

Ballot Design Lessons

Seth shares his frustrations with the flawed ballot design and questions why there isn't a license requirement for ballot designers. He also discusses the pitfalls of pandering to the largest possible group of people and emphasizes the importance of considering the value of each set of eyeballs in achieving one's mission.


Psephology and the science of voting