Why did Kara decide to reconnect?


Kara Swisher decided to reconnect with a friend after many years of not being in contact because a significant amount of time had passed, and she no longer held any negative feelings. She was reminded of her friend while spending time with others who sparked memories, and this prompted her to start writing an email to catch up and share updates about her life, including her children. Unfortunately, before she could send the email, she learned that her friend had tragically died in an accident at home. This event deeply affected Kara, leading to a poignant reflection on the importance of taking opportunities to reconnect with loved ones 1.

Reconnecting, Tragic Loss

Kara reflects on her decision to reconnect with a friend after years of silence, only to receive heartbreaking news of her sudden and random death. The experience prompts deep introspection and a realization of the importance of seizing opportunities to connect with loved ones.

Tim Ferriss Show

Kara Swisher Interview | The Tim Ferriss Show (Podcast)