What makes a good life?


Different experts offer varied perspectives on what makes a good life:

  1. Aubrey Marcus believes a good life involves fully experiencing both physical and spiritual aspects of existence while leaving a positive impact on others. He emphasizes living life to the fullest, trying new things, and connecting spiritually 1.

  2. Dr. Julie Gottman and Dr. John Gottman highlight the importance of finding personal purpose and nurturing loving relationships. Julie focuses on helping others as a path to a meaningful life, while John stresses that love is about giving rather than just receiving it 2.

  3. Anne Lamott stresses the importance of conscious living, engaging in loving actions, and appreciating the beauty in everyday moments like observing nature. To her, a good life means cultivating awareness and love 3.

    Defining a Good Life

    Aubrey Marcus shares his perspective on what a good life looks like, emphasizing the importance of truly living and experiencing all that life has to offer. He encourages embracing both the physical and spiritual aspects of existence, while also leaving a positive impact on others and the world around us.

    Modern Wisdom

    AUBREY MARCUS | What Makes A Good Life? | Modern Wisdom Podcast 117
  4. Adam Gazzaley emphasizes the significance of deep, meaningful experiences for personal growth and transformation. He believes in making each moment count, ensuring that experiences contribute to one's evolution 4.

  5. Bert Jacobs underscores the importance of relationships and staying physically active. He finds fulfillment in spending time with loved ones and enjoying activities like surfing and playing sports 5.

  6. Dale Russakoff values having loved ones around and engaging in meaningful work. She acknowledges that good health and luck also play essential roles in living a good life 6.

  7. Matthew Croasmun discusses the need to consistently revisit and uphold true values amidst societal pressures. He sees a good life as one rooted in love, both given and received, within a supportive community 7.

  8. Massimo Pigliucci presents historical viewpoints, such as the Epicureans valuing the absence of pain and the Cynics focusing solely on virtue and pro-social behavior 8.

These varied insights suggest that a good life may combine personal experiences, meaningful relationships, conscious loving actions, and a focus on both individual and communal well-being.