How to modify workout for legs?


To modify leg workouts effectively, the hosts of Mind Pump Podcast offer several insights:

Exercise Substitutions

  1. Reduce Bilateral Movements: You don't always need to stick to heavy bilateral movements (like squats). Replace some squats with unilateral exercises like lunges or step-ups to balance and incorporate stability training 1.
  2. Alternate Exercises: For instance, substitute squats with hip thrusts to focus more on the glutes and less on the quads, which is useful for those looking to avoid overdeveloped thighs 1.

Volume and Frequency

  1. Increase Frequency: Legs have a high capacity for workload. Increasing the frequency to two or four times a week, with adjusted intensity, can lead to significant improvements in muscle development 2.
  2. Focus on Appropriate Volume: When adjusting volume, make sure not to overdo it. Adding too many sets or pushing too hard can be counterproductive. Start by adding one set to each leg exercise and see how your body responds before increasing volume further 3.

    Modifying Workouts

    Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss how to modify workouts to achieve specific fitness goals, such as building muscle or leaning out. They suggest adding endurance running, incorporating unilateral exercises, and reducing volume in areas where growth is rapid. They caution against completely eliminating leg exercises, as they burn the most calories and are essential for leaning out.

    Mind Pump Podcast

    1524: Build Muscle Without Putting on Fat, How to Reduce Unwanted Thigh Size, & More


  1. Assess Your Response: Pay attention to how your body responds to changes. Make small adjustments, such as slightly increasing volume or changing exercise types, and monitor the effects before making further changes 4 3.
  2. Mind Your Limits: Not everyone responds the same way. Some might handle more volume or different exercise variations better than others. Learn and understand your body's unique responses 5.

Mobility Training

  1. Incorporate Mobility: Enhance your leg workout with mobility exercises like lateral dragging. This can improve lateral stability and overall leg performance 6.

These insights can help you tailor your leg workouts effectively to meet specific goals, ensuring balanced muscle development and preventing overtraining.